Treinamentos e Conferências

Rotary Leadership Institute will be held April 18th, 2020 on the 2-year-old state of the art Keiser University campus in Port St Lucie. In addition to Parts 1, 2, and 3, a Graduate course on Membership will be offered.

MORE classes, MORE Rotarians, MORE camaraderie, MORE ideas, MORE contacts, and MORE fun which is the motivation for bringing the members of our district together in one setting.

As Rotarians, you are all leaders, some in your community, some in your profession, and some in life in general…

At Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), our purpose is to give you the necessary tools and skills to be better Rotarians. As in every endeavor, the more you know about anything, the more interesting it becomes. Rotary is most assuredly one of those areas that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

RLI is a great place for newly inducted Rotarians to quickly learn about the “Object of Rotary”. Club Officers can build on their Rotary Knowledge to enhance their club experience. Club Presidents can expand on the skills gained at their President Elect Training Seminar. Long time Rotarians can re-kindle the old Rotary flame, and at the same time share their experiences with the other participants.

Below is your personalized RLI registration link to make it easier for you to sign up and join the RLI family of fellow Rotarians.

Register NOW for RLI - Port St Lucie 2 - 6930

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