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The Rotary Club of Boca Raton West and other organizations dedicated to the Brazilian community living in South Florida, are joining forces during this difficult virus outbreak.

We are currently trying to help in two fronts:

Niterói (RJ)

Goal: Distribution of Basic Baskets

Emergency Action Covid-19
Sapê Communities - Niterói / RJ
Help a Family!
This action aims to help the underprivileged community of Sapê, which currently covers 7 communities by interconnection.
Make your contribution to this cause!

More information:

For every R $ 50.00 (US $ 10.00) in donations, a family in a state of social vulnerability will receive a basic basket.

In Brazil, make your donation through Banco Itaú S / a | 6023 Branch C / C 29413-2

The Rotary Club of Boca Raton West is also accepting donations through PayPal.

Flórida / USA

In South Florida - where we are based - we are putting people in contact with others to receive basic necessities at home if they are unable to leave the home because of the virus.

We are working to help guide where people can purchase food to ensure that all registered children have access to daily nutrition. We are also working to provide laundry assistance at specific times and locations.

The Rotary Club, its clubs and partner associations around the world form a unique humanitarian aid network, and we will be using this network to help you who speak Portuguese and don't know where to get help, to access these resources already available for the entire population.

Do not feel embarrassed, your data will be safe and we will not disclose it in any way.

To request or offer help, contact us through this link.