Installation Ceremony 2019-2020

On July 25th, 2019, at the All Meats Steakhouse, we were pleased to welcome the District 6930 Governor, Donna Moden Gaiser, who inducted our new board of directors for the Rotarian year of 2019-2010, as follows:

  • President: Douglas Heizer
  • Vice President: Vera Schäfer
  • Secretary: Vania Amorim (President Elect for 2020-2021)
  • Treasurer: Luciana Beuke


  • Angelica Blakely
  • Dini Heizer
  • Janne Gesund
  • Lucia Notare

Most guests came from the Brazilian community residing in South Florida.  Some are business owners, artists, media executives and other professionals, relatives or friends of club members.  Rotary members Els van Engelenburg, Phil Lustig, Gail Ambrose, Carl Gaiser, Jula Babbitt also joined our celebration.  

The following persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and those considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary's causes where elected to Honorary Membership.  Those were:  Ambassador João Mendes Pereira, Francisco Pessoa. Francisco Rodrigues, Gustavo Couto, Phil Lustig and Synesio Lyra Jr. 

At the opportunity, we also had the honor to announce and induce new members: Aloysio Vasconcellos, Leidmar Lopes, Marcelo Andrade, Paulo Klimick and Valdo da Silva.  

Dinner was excellent! We had a nice selection of Brazilian live music; amazing photos and video where taken care of by Mari Hart and Ciro Albuquerque.

As we are all aware as Rotarians, the theme for this Rotary year is Rotary Connects The World. And the service we deliver this year will be guided, as it should always be, by the strategic priorities and objectives of Rotary International strategy plan: to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase our ability to adapt.

Happy Rotarian Year !  Thank you all for coming.  Here are some pics.
Douglas Heizer
Founder and President for 2019-2020

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